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Success Stories
Complex PCI Conclave
Learning Through Complex Clinical Cases
An Initiative for Hypertension Awareness
Multidisciplinary Multispeciality discussion on SGLT2 inhibitors...
Closed group discussion on DIASTOLOGY – HfpEF
ASCVD Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease burden in India...
LOWER the LDL BETTER the clinical outcomes
Evidence based approach to choosing OAPs in ACS
GAME Changer Launch Edition
It was indeed a great pleasure to take part along with...
It was a excellent programme and a pleasure to be a panelist in LAI talks
Thrombosis be it Arterial or Venous always poses a emergency life threatening(25-12-2021)
Updates on SGLT2 inhibitors(18-11-2021)
facebook chat for the general public on Healthy heart(01-10-2021)
It was a pleasure interacting with my teacher and guru Prof DR V A Kothiwale Registrar and Vice principle KLE JNMC(25-09-2021)
Excellent insights provided by DR PROF LARS in establishing TAVR program in our hospital and a detailed step by step approach to the procedure .(17-09-2021)
HF cascade forum(15-09-2021)
It was pleasure to be a part of the GAME CHANGER series program arranged by NOVO NORDISK And it was a great discussion with DR GIRISH NAVASUNDI , DR VIVEKANADA G .....(14-09-2021)
HF- GOLD CONNECT WEBINAR With the ACC 2021 heart failure update and ESC 2021 heart failure guidelines being published recently , .....(09-09-2021)
Wonderful discussion on The Pathways to improve control oF Hypertension with DR Puneet Rastogi who is one of the ace cardiologists of Madhya Pradesh .(30-08-2021)
It was a privilege to chair a session on“ NEW DRUGS NEW CONCEPTS IN HEART FAILURE “ AT THE LAICON INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2021 .(21-08-2021)
ADVISORY BOARD MEETING with some of the best specialists in india on Place in therapy of mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists in cardiology .(24-07-2021)
Webinar on Role of Rivaroxaban in cardiac patients .(23-07-2021)
Discussion to conclusion debate on Anti thrombotic medications(20-07-2021)
Panelist in the expert conclave meeting on NOAC (16-07-2021)
Role of statins and Dual antiplatelets in cardiovascular risk reduction(09-07-2021)
HFpEF Focus group meeting under the moderatorship of DR P P Mohanan(29-06-2021)
Webinar on COVID and HEART(27-06-2021)
It was indeed a pleasure to be presenting interesting cases and PCI complications and discussing with DR M S Hiremath ...(25-06-2021)
Talk on Telmisartan(16-06-2021)
one of its kind webinar on NOAC in AF involving lectures from various superspecialists.(12-06-2021)
All experts panel meeting on management of DM with particular reference to drugs having cardiac benefits(05-06-2021)
Talk to the Expert Extensive Webinar and discussion on the State of the art treatment of Heart failure with reduced EF(21-05-2021)
Role of statins in COVID 19(14-05-2021)
It was indeed a pleasure to be part of LAI-Lipid Association of India and under the guidance of DR RAMAN PURI.(06-05-2021)
Excellent Presentations and wonderful discussions on complicated PCI cases and how to manage them(01-05-2021)
Role of Antiplatelets in the management of complex PCI.(30-04-2021)
Cardio ColloQuium - Online Meeting (05-03-2021)
Heart Failure Conclave - Online Meeting (05-03-2021)
Rivaroxaban: For The Management Of Arterial Thrombotic Disorders (04-03-2021)
Triple Trouble – Management of ACS and AF in a patient with GI bleeding (26-02-2021)
Rivaroxaban: An Oral Factor Xa Inhibitor - A New Hope (06-02-2021)
Achieving New "Normal" BP Goals With Combination Therapy (05-02-2021)
Video Conference (23-01-2021)
Recent Advance In Management Of Heart Failure (16-01-2021)
Hypertension Continuum - A New Paradigm (22-12-2020)
Relevance Of RWE's In Management Of AF & Secondary Stroke Prevention (19-12-2020)
Dynamics in Management Of ACS & HFrEF Patients (24-11-2020)
Video Conference On Clinical Research & Biopharceutics (22-11-2020)
Live Webinar by Aldactone (07-11-2020)
An India Specific Discharge Checklist-Need Of Hour (06-11-2020)
Role of Apixaban in AF & Covid-19 Treatment (23-09-2020)
Talk To The Expert (18-09-2020)
Reach Out Advance Meet (14-09-2020)
Cardiorhythm Forum (11-09-2020)
Lipid Academy Interface - Webinar (27-08-2020)
RPG Lifesciences - Live Webinar (24-08-2020)
Master Class India - A Virtual Meeting (16-08-2020)
Clinical Pearl of Cardiology (13-08-2020)
Heart Failure Academy (10-08-2020)
Management of CAD Guuidelines (08-08-2020)
ACS Forum CME (24-07-2020)
Expertise Meet (16-07-2020)
Coronoary Interventions - Virtual Meet (27-06-2020)
Update in Antithrombotic Therapy (25-06-2020)
Golden Hour Talk (20-06-2020)
Meet The Expert (13-06-2020)
Case Based Discussion (30-05-2020)
Alkem Chronic Webinar (13-05-2020)
Heartbeat Wokshop (25-04-2020)