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Success Stories
CME program on world heart day on OCT / FFR
Interesting interactive well attended CME on Preoperative cardiovascular assessment
AF Expert Conclave Meeting by Pfizer
Hypertension 2022 talk
Workshop on OCT by Dr Davinder Singh Chadha
Meeting of Minds
Advisory Board Meeting
Heart & Diabetes. CONCLAVE
Panel discussion on SGLT2 inhibitors
Talk on Cangrelar
American College of Cardiology's Annual Scientific Meeting
Complex PCI Conclave
Learning Through Complex Clinical Cases
An Initiative for Hypertension Awareness
Multidisciplinary Multispeciality discussion on SGLT2 inhibitors...
Closed group discussion on DIASTOLOGY – HfpEF
ASCVD Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease burden in India...
LOWER the LDL BETTER the clinical outcomes
Evidence based approach to choosing OAPs in ACS
GAME Changer Launch Edition
It was indeed a great pleasure to take part along with...
It was a excellent programme and a pleasure to be a panelist in LAI talks
Thrombosis be it Arterial or Venous always poses a emergency life threatening(25-12-2021)
Updates on SGLT2 inhibitors(18-11-2021)
facebook chat for the general public on Healthy heart(01-10-2021)
It was a pleasure interacting with my teacher and guru Prof DR V A Kothiwale Registrar and Vice principle KLE JNMC(25-09-2021)
Excellent insights provided by DR PROF LARS in establishing TAVR program in our hospital and a detailed step by step approach to the procedure .(17-09-2021)
HF cascade forum(15-09-2021)
It was pleasure to be a part of the GAME CHANGER series program arranged by NOVO NORDISK And it was a great discussion with DR GIRISH NAVASUNDI , DR VIVEKANADA G .....(14-09-2021)
HF- GOLD CONNECT WEBINAR With the ACC 2021 heart failure update and ESC 2021 heart failure guidelines being published recently , .....(09-09-2021)
Wonderful discussion on The Pathways to improve control oF Hypertension with DR Puneet Rastogi who is one of the ace cardiologists of Madhya Pradesh .(30-08-2021)
It was a privilege to chair a session on“ NEW DRUGS NEW CONCEPTS IN HEART FAILURE “ AT THE LAICON INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2021 .(21-08-2021)
ADVISORY BOARD MEETING with some of the best specialists in india on Place in therapy of mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists in cardiology .(24-07-2021)
Webinar on Role of Rivaroxaban in cardiac patients .(23-07-2021)
Discussion to conclusion debate on Anti thrombotic medications(20-07-2021)
Panelist in the expert conclave meeting on NOAC (16-07-2021)
Role of statins and Dual antiplatelets in cardiovascular risk reduction(09-07-2021)
HFpEF Focus group meeting under the moderatorship of DR P P Mohanan(29-06-2021)
Webinar on COVID and HEART(27-06-2021)
It was indeed a pleasure to be presenting interesting cases and PCI complications and discussing with DR M S Hiremath ...(25-06-2021)
Talk on Telmisartan(16-06-2021)
one of its kind webinar on NOAC in AF involving lectures from various superspecialists.(12-06-2021)
All experts panel meeting on management of DM with particular reference to drugs having cardiac benefits(05-06-2021)
Talk to the Expert Extensive Webinar and discussion on the State of the art treatment of Heart failure with reduced EF(21-05-2021)
Role of statins in COVID 19(14-05-2021)
It was indeed a pleasure to be part of LAI-Lipid Association of India and under the guidance of DR RAMAN PURI.(06-05-2021)
Excellent Presentations and wonderful discussions on complicated PCI cases and how to manage them(01-05-2021)
Role of Antiplatelets in the management of complex PCI.(30-04-2021)
Cardio ColloQuium - Online Meeting (05-03-2021)
Heart Failure Conclave - Online Meeting (05-03-2021)
Rivaroxaban: For The Management Of Arterial Thrombotic Disorders (04-03-2021)
Triple Trouble – Management of ACS and AF in a patient with GI bleeding (26-02-2021)
Rivaroxaban: An Oral Factor Xa Inhibitor - A New Hope (06-02-2021)
Achieving New "Normal" BP Goals With Combination Therapy (05-02-2021)
Video Conference (23-01-2021)
Recent Advance In Management Of Heart Failure (16-01-2021)
Hypertension Continuum - A New Paradigm (22-12-2020)
Relevance Of RWE's In Management Of AF & Secondary Stroke Prevention (19-12-2020)
Dynamics in Management Of ACS & HFrEF Patients (24-11-2020)
Video Conference On Clinical Research & Biopharceutics (22-11-2020)
Live Webinar by Aldactone (07-11-2020)
An India Specific Discharge Checklist-Need Of Hour (06-11-2020)
Role of Apixaban in AF & Covid-19 Treatment (23-09-2020)
Talk To The Expert (18-09-2020)
Reach Out Advance Meet (14-09-2020)
Cardiorhythm Forum (11-09-2020)
Lipid Academy Interface - Webinar (27-08-2020)
RPG Lifesciences - Live Webinar (24-08-2020)
Master Class India - A Virtual Meeting (16-08-2020)
Clinical Pearl of Cardiology (13-08-2020)
Heart Failure Academy (10-08-2020)
Management of CAD Guuidelines (08-08-2020)
ACS Forum CME (24-07-2020)
Expertise Meet (16-07-2020)
Coronoary Interventions - Virtual Meet (27-06-2020)
Update in Antithrombotic Therapy (25-06-2020)
Golden Hour Talk (20-06-2020)
Meet The Expert (13-06-2020)
Case Based Discussion (30-05-2020)
Alkem Chronic Webinar (13-05-2020)
Heartbeat Wokshop (25-04-2020)