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The Best Cardiologist in Hubballi

Sattur Heart Care is a state of the art one of the finest Cardiology clinic in Hubballi-Dharwad city- A major township in north Karnataka . This super-speciality clinic is centrally located and provides comprehensive care to patients with various heart diseases . Sattur Heart care has emerged as a frontrunner in heart care treatments under the able aegis of Dr.Ameet G.Sattur.

The unit is dedicated in providing treatment to patients with heart diseases and also in preventing people who are at risk from developing heart diseases from doing so The unit is located in an area of 3000 square feet with dedicated fully equipped ultramodern facilities including EKG , ECHO , TMT , LAB and Pharmacy . The unit also has a conference hall for arranging public awareness programs and meetings. Sattur Heart care is a official division of Sattur Medical care which was established in 1983, Sattur Medical Care is a name of repute in the entire karnataka for the exceptional service provided in the field of Medicine, Diabetes, Asthma and Cardiology.

Sattur Medical Care was started by Dr.Gururaj B. Sattur who returned to India in 1983 after staying in U.K for 7 years where he was trained in medical emergencies and diabetes management . Dr Sattur returned to India with the sole intention of serving his community back home.

Sattur Medical Care in the last 35 years has become a household name in karnataka as it continues to provide state of the art medical care


Hubballi is the second largest city in Karnatka , It has a population of around 11 lakhs (including Dharwad ) . Hubballi –Dharwad is a corporation. It is the third largest revenue generator of Karnataka. Hubballi is a industrial hub and is known as "Chota Mumbai" due to the huge transactions as business centre in whole scale markets. APMC yard in Hubballi is one of the biggest in Asia. Hubballi drains surrounding places of North Karnataka for retail and wholescale business , clothes , grains , fruits , vegetable , gold and medicines .Hubballi is now a place for bigger medium and large scale industries with good Air Connectivity by number of Air flights to major cities of india. It is also a headquarter for SWR-South Western Railways.